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2006 California Wing Encampment Weekbook

Weekbook published for the 2006 California Wing Encampment, held 6-12 August 2006 at Camp San Luis Obispo. 28 pages.

2005 California Wing Encampment Weekbook

Weekbook published for the 2005 California Wing Encampment, held 6-13 August 2005 at Camp San Luis Obispo. 8 pages.

Encampment Training Manual - 1 July 1999

CAWG Encampment Training Manual (CAPR 52-16, CAWG Operating Instruction -1), published 1 July 1999. 78 pages.

2009 California/Nevada Wing Encampment Weekbook

Weekbook published for the 2009 California/Nevada Wing Encampment, held 8-15 August 2009 at Camp San Luis Obispo. Editor: C/MSgt Rachael Khattar. 41 pages.

Certificate of Accomplishment - 1972 Encampment

1972 encampment cert.jpg
Certificate of Accomplishment presented to Cadet Steven A. Catron for successful completion of the Sector Echo Type "B" Encampment. Presented 1 Apr 1972. Encampment Commander: Lt Col Ronald Stearns, CAP.

2004 California Wing Encampment

encampment 2004.pdf
Flyer advertising the upcoming California Wing Encampment, to be held 7-15 August 2004 at Fort Hunter-Liggett.

2009 California Wing Encampment

Flyer for 2009 California Wing Encampment, to be held 15 August 2009 at Camp San Luis Obispo.

2003 California Wing Encampment

CAWG Encampment 2003.pdf
Weekbook published for 2003 California Wing Encampment, held 23-31 August 2003 at Camp San Luis Obispo. 36 pages.

2000 California Wing Encampment

encampment 2000.pdf
Weekbook published for California Wing Encampment held 18-26 August 2000 at Vandenberg AFB. 40 pages.

2008 California Wing Encampment

Weekbook published for the 2008 California Wing Encampment held 2-9 August 2008 at Camp San Luis Obispo. Editor: 2nd Lt Heidi Olson. 37 pages.