Documents, manuals, operations plans, instructions, etc., relating to operational missions, training missions and instruction in California Wing.

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Emergency Services Training Manual 2
An Emergency Services Training Manual created by the California Wing Civil Air Patrol on 04 April 1991.

Report on the loss of Jon Kramer - 24 January 2020
Report on the crash of CAP T-34 N7721B, death of Jon Kramer and injury of Tony Pena, on 9 May 1970. Written by Col James Bigelow, CAP (Ret), 39 pages, with photos.

Civil Air Patrol Leadership on Development and Implementation of Emergency Locator Beacons and the COSPAS-SARSAT System 1970-1998
Report on the development and implementation of of ELTs. Written 5 August 2020. Written by Col James Bigelow, CAP (Ret.). 42 pages.
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