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California Wing History & Heritage

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2015 California Wing Encampment

Weekbook published for the 2015 California Wing Encampment, held 1-8 July 2015 at Camp San Luis Obispo. 59 pages.

2017 California Wing Encampment

Encampment 2017.pdf
Weekbook published for the California Wing Encampment, held 13-20 June 2017 at Camp San Luis Obispo, CA. 53 pages.

1955 California Wing Summer Encampment Weekbook

Encampment 1955.pdf
Weekbook published for the 1955 California Wing Summer Encampment, held at Mather AFB, CA. No specific dates given. 56 pages.

California Wing Cadet Encampment - 1-8 July 2015

Flyer for California Wing Cadet Encampment to be held 1-8 July 2015 at Camp San Luis Obispo. 1 page.

Student Standard Operating Procedure - 2017

Encampment SOP-2017.pdf
Student Standard Operating Procedure (Operating Instruction 52-16-2) for the California Wing Cadet Encampment held 13-20 June 2017 at Camp San Luis Obispo. 16 pages.

Encampment Training Manual - 1 July 1999

CAWG Encampment Training Manual (CAPR 52-16, CAWG Operating Instruction -1), published 1 July 1999. 78 pages.

Cadet Programs Activities - 1985

Brochure describing cadet activities to be held by California Wing - Civil Air Patrol during 1985, including Cadet Programs Conference, Non-Commissioned Officer School, Cadet Officer Basic Course, encampment. 2 pages.

Encampment Training Manual - 1 October 2014

California Wing OI 52016-1, Encampment Training Manual, dated 1 October 2014. 111 pages.

Tactical Officer Guide - 17 August 1984

California Wing Tactical Officer Guide for encampments, published 17 August 1984. 58 pages.

California Wing Encampment Flyer - 2000

Encampment2000 flyer.pdf
Flyer for California Wing Encampment held 5-13 August 2000 at Camp San Luis Obispo, CA. 2 pages.