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Cadet Programs Activities - 1985

Brochure describing cadet activities to be held by California Wing - Civil Air Patrol during 1985, including Cadet Programs Conference, Non-Commissioned Officer School, Cadet Officer Basic Course, encampment. 2 pages.

California Wing Cadet Encampment - 1-8 July 2015

Flyer for California Wing Cadet Encampment to be held 1-8 July 2015 at Camp San Luis Obispo. 1 page.

California Wing Encampment Flyer - 2000

Encampment2000 flyer.pdf
Flyer for California Wing Encampment held 5-13 August 2000 at Camp San Luis Obispo, CA. 2 pages.

CAP Cadetes In Busy Schedule - 8 September 1965

Newspaper article published 8 September 1965 in the San Pedro News-Pilot.

CAPC GM 1-45 - CAP Cadet Encampment

CAWG Encampment Letter-1945May9.pdf
General Memorandum Cadet No. 1-45, dated 9 May 145, announcing plans for the 1945 Cadet Encampment to be held at Mather AAFB, Merced AAFB and Minter AAFB. 2 pages. Signed by Capt Frank G. Wood, Jr., Training Officer

Certificate of Accomplishment - 1972 Encampment

1972 encampment cert.jpg
Certificate of Accomplishment presented to Cadet Steven A. Catron for successful completion of the Sector Echo Type "B" Encampment. Presented 1 Apr 1972. Encampment Commander: Lt Col Ronald Stearns, CAP.

Encampment Training Manual - 1 July 1999

CAWG Encampment Training Manual (CAPR 52-16, CAWG Operating Instruction -1), published 1 July 1999. 78 pages.

Encampment Training Manual - 1 October 2014

California Wing OI 52016-1, Encampment Training Manual, dated 1 October 2014. 111 pages.

Flying Cadets Attend School - 3 August 1948

Newspaper article (with photo) printed 3 August 1948 in the Oakland Tribune.

Group 15 Cadet Encampment Standard Operating Procedure - October 1978

Standard Operating Procedure for Type "B" Encampment conducted by San Gabriel Valley Group 15, California Wing - Civil Air Patrol, in October 1978. 16 pages.