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California Wing History & Heritage

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Zenovich Spurs Law Requiring Homing Units On Airplanes - 20 August 1972

Newspaper article published 20 August 1972 in The Fresno Bee.

Pilots Group Sets Film Program On Crash Beacons - 22 April 1969

Newspaper article published 22 April 1969 in The Fresno Bee.

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New Missing Aircraft SAR Technology

Report on new missing aircraft SAR technology, written by Col James Bigelow, CAP (Ret.). 52 pages.

Impact of Search and Rescue Innovations -- 1973-1998

Report-Impact on SAR Innovations-2019Aug20.pdf
Report on the impact of search and rescue innovations from 1973 - 1998, made by Col James Bigelow and others. Written 20 August 2019 by Col James Bigelow, CAP (Ret.). 38 pages.

Civil Air Patrol Leadership on Development and Implementation of Emergency Locator Beacons and the COSPAS-SARSAT System 1970-1998

Report-Development of ELT Beacons.pdf
Report on the development and implementation of of ELTs. Written 5 August 2020. Written by Col James Bigelow, CAP (Ret.). 42 pages.

Downed Aircraft Locator Tests Continuing Today - 16 November 1968

Newspaper article (with photo) published 16 November 1968 in the Red Bluff Daily News.

Pair dies in one of two Ramona area air crashes - 26 April 1978

Newspaper article (with photo) published 26 April 1978 in the Times-Advocate.

Technology helps searchers be rescuers - 25 October 1978

Newspaper article published 25 October 1978 in The San Bernardino Sun.

Rescuing a lost pilot by satellite - 29 March 1978

Newspaper article (with photographs) published 29 March 1978 in the San Francisco Examiner.

Rescue - 15 March 1987

Newspaper article published 15 March 1987 in The Daily Breeze.