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Fake disaster will test city's readiness - 8 December 1977

Newspaper article published 8 December 1977 in The Selma Enterprise.

A fake quake tests readiness - 22 May 1975

Newspaper article (with photos) published 22 May 1975 in The Selma Enterprise.

'Quake' plans set - 8 May 1975

Newspaper article published 8 May 1975 in The Selma Enterprise.

Mock disaster training will May 17 follow 'earthquake' - 6 March 1975

Newspaper article published 6 March 1976 in The Selma Enterprise.

'Quake' Hits VA Hospital In Simulated Exercises - 10 February 1974

Newspaper article (wth photo) printed 10 February 1974 in The Van Nuys Valley News and Green Sheet.

Terrain Changes From Earthquake Told to CAP - 15 January 1954

Newspaper article printed 15 January 1954 in The San Bernardino Daily Sun, CA.

CAP Is Active in Earthquake Area: Members Help Evacuate Residents from Homes - March 1971

Newspaper article published in March 1971 issue of Civil Air Patrol News, detailing disaster relief efforts of California Wing following the Sylmar Earthquake