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Noncommissioned Officers School flyer - 29-31 May 1987

NCOS flyer-1987.pdf
Flyer for Noncommissioned Officers School to be held 29-30 May 1987 at MCAS El Toro, CA.

Officers Set Talk On Apollo - 6 January 1969

Newspaper article published 6 January 1969 in the Anaheim Bulletin.

In Your Service - 16 May 1974

Newspaper article published in The La Mirada Review.

James A. Hudson Joins Encampment at El Toro - 16 April 1974

Newspaper article printed 16 April 1974 in Van Nuys Valley News.

Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer School - 1995

Flyer for Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer School to be held 3-5 November 1995 at MCAS El Toro. Conducted b Director of Cadet Programs, California Wing - Civil Air Patrol. 1 page.