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Col Ross E. Veta, CAP

California Wing Commander from 23 September 2019 to present.

Seventh CAP Leadership Meeting Today - 3 February 1963

Newspaper article published 3 February 1963 in the Independent/Press-Telegram.

Telegram - 8 December 1941

Telegram from F.H. LaGuardia, U.S. Director of Civilian Defense, to The Honorable Colbert L. Olsen, Governor of California, regarding appointment of Bertrand Rhine as Commander of California Wing - Civil Air Patrol

Gathering of Eagles - 2003

Eight former commanders of California Wing join the current Commander, Vol Virginia Nelson, at the 2003 California Wing Conference. From left: Col Virginia Nelson, Col Larry Myrick, Col Byron Brammer, Col Angelo Porco, Col Ernie Pearson, Col Ed…

California Wing Commanders

CO Display.jpg
Photos of all California Wing commanders displayed in the hallway at Wing Headquarters, Van Nuys ANG Base

Col Jon Stokes, CAP

California Wing Commander from 27 Aug 2011 to present

Col Angelo A. Porco, CAP

California Wing Commander from 30 Aug 1993 - 5 May 1996. He died 17 Aug 2014.

Col Virginia M. Nelson, CAP

California Wing Commander from 18 Oct 2003 - 24 Mar 2007. She was appointed Pacific Region Vice Commander in 2013.

Col V. Lee White, CAP

California Wing Commander from 20 Sep 1986 - 21 Apr 1990.

Col Howard L. Brookfield, CAP

California Wing Commander from 14 Mar 1969 - 13 Mar 1971 and 27 Aug 1972 - 1 Feb 1973. He served as Pacific Region Commander from 7 Sep 1973 - 1 Jan 1979, and as National Commander from xxx - xxx.